Personal statement

Claudette has international experience having taught in the Middle East, Brunei and Italy. Her current position is at an English curriculum school in Kuwait. Here she predominantly teaches English and drama, but has also taught critical thinking. She has previously worked as a Head of Department and Head of Middle School. Whilst in Italy, she learned the importance of teaching and learning within a school that itself could be deemed as a community. She is up to date with the British curriculum and is pleased that 80% of her 2021 exam students obtained an A and A*. The rest obtained a B grade.


I taught around 200 students, most of whom spoke English as a second or third language. Their abilities ranged between high to low, with mixed ability students in years 8 and 9. This diverse student base encouraged me to revisit the curriculum as to make it more inclusive, challenging and innovative. Accordingly, I can say without doubt, that students tend to enjoy my classes and appreciate the diversity I bring to the delivery of the curriculum.

In my time at NES I have taught KS3 through to KS5 and have even learned to teach new subjects due to staff shortages. In short, I have experience of teaching functional skills, PSHE, Drama, English Language and Literature and PSHE. Throughout, my students have succeeded and have learned to appreciate an evidence-based approach to learning should their end of year exam-based assessments be interrupted in any way. In short, they have learned to be measured and consistent in their studies.

I am a sociable hard-working person who inspires my students to be critical and creative thinkers. During the facilitation of their learning, I encourage students to be independent learners and global citizens.

I am a practising artist who brings a creative perspective to the teaching of English language and literature. I worked with a group of Kuwaiti artists and now undertake voluntary work with Rosetta Arts, a community arts education programme in East London.

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