10 popular jobs in schools

Working in a school can be extremely fulfilling. Whether you’re in a teaching or non-teaching role, the environment is bustling and collaborative, making it a naturally supportive environment for professional growth. Often, there’s a real sense of community and camaraderie as staff work towards the shared goal of building a positive learning environment for students.

Step into a good school and you’ll feel an energy and sense of purpose that’s contagious. By their nature, schools are dynamic places, continually adapting in response to societal needs, technological advancements, and legislative changes.

There are a wide variety of roles on offer, here we take a look at 10 popular jobs in schools.

1. Teachers

At the heart of every school, classroom teachers are the bedrock of education. Passionate about their subjects, patient, and adept at connecting with students, these educators inspire academic and personal growth. And there’s great variety here too, depending on the subject you choose. While art teachers nurture creativity and unlock personal expression, science teachers are inspiring the next generation of innovators who will tackle the world’s environmental concerns.

Meanwhile, Physical Education (PE) Teachers play a crucial role, helping our young people understand how an active lifestyle affects physical and mental wellbeing and building confidence that can be the bedrock of healthy attitudes towards everything from body positivity to the importance of teamwork. If you want to explore more teaching jobs, then we have another article here.

2. Teaching Assistants

Teaching Assistants are the unsung heroes of the classroom. Highly adaptable, patient, and empathetic, they provide tailored student assistance, help manage resources and provide invaluable support to teachers. A typical day might include helping with lessons preparation including setting up materials and technological tools and replenishing art or stationery supplies, as well as collaborating closely with the teacher to help students get to grips with new ideas.

3. Headteachers

Headteachers, or Principals as they are now often known, provide overall leadership, shape vision, and take responsibility for creating a positive learning environment for their students, as well as a positive working environment for their staff. They also play a pivotal role in steering the school toward success. Their skills in decision-making and stakeholder management are essential for an institution’s progress. Flexibility and adaptability are also key; essential for navigating shifts in educational policies, adapting strategies, and motivating others to embrace change.

4. School Counselors

In recent years, and particularly after the impacts of COVID 19, there has been an increasing focus on mental health support in schools. The role of school counsellor has never been more important, providing indispensable guidance to students on both academic and personal matters and fostering resilience. School counselors often have excellent active listening skills, natural empathy, and a knack for building rapport with the young people they support.

5. School Librarians

School Librarians manage, organise, and develop library resources. For many, they are also the people who open the door to a love of reading, or even for the act of learning itself. In addition to curating a diverse collection of books that cater to various interests and reading levels, they also help students develop information literacy skills, including how to evaluate the information they find online. Ideal candidates have a passion for literature and strong organisational skills. Many are also skilled at what you might call ‘hosting’; creating an inviting, inclusive atmosphere that fosters self-directed learning.

6. Administrative Staff

Sometimes in a ‘front of house’ role, but often behind the scenes, School Administrative Staff are responsible for making sure everything runs smoothly and efficiently. Often the first port of call for students, parents and colleagues, administrative staff have a uniquely multi-faceted understanding of the school community that makes them invaluable to the leadership team. Typically have excellent people and organisational skills.

7. School Business Managers

School Business Managers enjoy a multifaceted role. Responsible for overseeing the financial and administrative aspects of school life, they manage budgets, allocate resources, and ensure stringent regulatory compliance – all vital to the creation of a stable foundation for operational excellence. Strong financial acumen, organisational skills, and attention to detail are prerequisites for this role. The best School Business Managers are also approachable and collaborative, helping them work with internal colleagues and external partners for strong alignment between operational strategies and a school’s broader mission.

8. Special Education Needs (SEN) Coordinators

Being a SEN Coordinator or “SENCOs” can be a highly stimulating and rewarding role, giving you the chance to make a significant positive impact on the lives of students with special educational needs. SENCOs collaborate with teachers, parents, and external agencies to create individualised education plans. In addition, they often act as advocates for the students they support, helping to make sure that the school takes their needs into account and champions inclusivity.
The role is ever-changing, requiring continuous professional development to stay informed about new strategies, interventions, and legal frameworks.

9. IT Support Staff

Over the last ten years schools have increasingly sought to embrace technologies like interactive whiteboards, online learning platforms and educational software as a core part of the teaching arsenal. The changes mean that IT Support Staff are now indispensable. It’s important to remember that in addition to managing infrastructure, maintaining cloud-based systems, and troubleshooting, they also need to be great collaborators, making sure digital resources can be effectively integrated into teaching. The best are passionate about keeping abreast of technological developments and translating their benefits into engaging learning experiences.

10. Caretaker

Caretakers are a vital part of a thriving school community, the job title itself contains the word ‘care’. In broad terms, caretakers are responsible for creating a clean and safe environment that allows students to work and play. But there are many different aspects to the role, from facilities maintenance, groundskeeping and stock management to ensuring that safety and security regulations are adhered to and even coordinating a school’s response in the event of a weather or security emergency. The best school caretakers are reliable and proactive with strong collaboration and problem-solving skills.

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